Hi everyone, Amy is here!


Launched in 2011, situated initially at Jalan Dhoby of Johor Bharu, Psychedelic Store was invented out of self-interest at a youthful age & the motivation to support family members financially. 

What was the mysterious reason behind Psychedelic Store? Hence, you’d have to understand a little bit about my passion. I was insanely obsessed with island holidays! These are just a few of my preferred destinations:

  • Malaysia (Redang, Perhentian, Rawa, Penang)
  • Indonesia (Lombok, Bali, Flores & little islands around Lombok & Bali)
  • Islands in Thailand & the Philippines


The islands recommended above are insanely breath-taking! Your heart becomes at ease and you’re instantly stunned with the existing beauty of the natural environment. The native-born island inhabitants are all positive, kind & friendly. Each time I step my foot on an island, my body instantaneously recharges. In result, I somehow become emotionally-touched.

Out of realization, my obsession with going on holiday trips to the island executed the idea of self-retailing holiday fashion wear items. I was determined that several women out there were struggling with searching for striking ready to wear pieces for their occasional holiday trips. Furthermore, to enhance their OOTD (Outfit of the Day) imageries. 

However, despite it all, I fully understand that holiday travelling is an actual investment. You’d have to save up several months prior to the actual travelling date. It consists of major financially investing on diverse sorts. The costs of it all includes payment of flight tickets, searching for the best suitable in-stays, food budgeting, retail shopping and transportations on land. Therefore, of course, you’d want to end up creating the finest memories!

It’s very unlikely that we go on holiday trips yearly. Even so, more or less, the least amount of times that people usually go on holiday trips are perhaps once in every year. In result, we’d all want every adventurous holiday destination to be fulfilled as an unforgettable one. Hence, I would like to share with you a few of my favorite vacation photos, along with pictures taken by our lovely shoppers.






My foremost mission is to assist all the ladies out there to appreciate & enjoy your holiday in stunning outfits, in commemoration of creating the best photo memories. I would love to reach out to more consumers for the purpose of building your self-confidence & feeling positively beautiful. 

Other than that, here at Psychedelic Store, we don’t only focus on holiday wear items. Any of those who enjoy going out on weekend trips with your loved ones to beautiful spots & cafes are likewise very welcomed to explore our fun range of fashion wear items. 

Shown below are some of the stunning OOTD’s taken from our beloved shoppers. We’re very blessed to have helped more than 30,000 women out there to provide the most memorable retreats.



Listed below are a range of items available at both our physical store & website. 

  • Headbands
  • Earrings
  • Tops & Blouses
  • Cardigans
  • Dresses (Long & Short)
  • Pants (Long & Short)
  • Shoes
  • Bags


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1. The Curve Shopping Mall, Damansara , G Floor berhadapan Metrojaya 

2. Jalan Dhoby , Johor Bahru